Pineapple Public Relations | Deborah Stone Bio
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I’m Deborah Stone,


of Pineapple PR.

About Me

I just love a good story. I think that the best stories are in travel and experiences. What’s exciting to me about PR and marketing is that it’s always been about telling stories and bringing places to life. Now there are so many places and ways to tell a story.

I love travel. Travel helps you grow as a person. Over the course of my career, I’ve learned how to play golf. I’ve learned about everything from sea turtle survival, ecosystems and habitats and endangered birds to mountain formations. Food is a great way to explore and get a taste of different cultures. My twin teen girls share my love of adventure and travel. We love kayaking and zip-lining, and our family shares an appreciation for the natural world. It’s a knowledge of where we live. It’s good stories.

The best stories are built out of relationships, and we concentrate on knowing our clients and the media and influencers in hospitality. Anyone who writes about travel has a passion for it as well. If you gain insight to their particular passions, then you’re able to help them access and facilitate entrée to our clients’ great stories.

With all the new technology, media and communications platforms, it’s an exciting time to be in the travel marketing business. That’s also why relationships are more important than ever. Only if you really understand clients’ goals and needs can you help them integrate their messages properly and design that effective communications, content strategy, community management and PR/marketing plan that gets them the coverage their stories deserve and gets their stories in front of travelers making plans.

Because there is so much noise out there, more than ever our work has to be creative and stand out. It’s about being where consumers are looking with compelling stories. It’s about telling your story in the right away across all those different channels. We set our destinations and hotels up as trend and travel leaders by tapping into stories that make them uniquely appealing.

You don’t have to be everywhere. Part of what you have to do is to distinguish where to put your time and money to reach your target audience. We help clients understand those different channels and understand where you’re going to the most return and which are best to grow revenue and visitations. We build campaigns that work and produce quantifiable results. With today’s technology there’s no excuse for creating things that aren’t trackable and measurable and deliver that return on investment.

The people are what define the business. We have an amazing group of people here. They are the hardest working, most creative bunch. We’re like a family here. Our people don’t just want to do PR and marketing; they are passionate about exploring and the discoveries that travel brings. While our approach is boutique and bespoke, don’t for one minute think of us as a small agency. In recent years our services have grown to include full digital media and marketing and social media. Although our business has grown rapidly – we moved headquarters and opened offices in Boston and Chicago — we carefully maintain the family vibe and our culture, which is a collaborative environment.

A client is not just a piece of business. It’s a partnership. That’s part of our philosophy. We are dedicated to understanding every twist and turn, the back of the house/front of the house component of our clients, so that we can effectively promote and deliver personalized service. We are still high touch in a high-tech world. We still get on the phone and talk to you. We Facetime with our clients, but we also get real face time with our clients. The best ideas come from person-to-person exchanges of ideas and conversations. An email may to lead to answer while a conversation can lead to multiple solutions.

We believe that creativity flows from a positive environment that promotes ideation and growth. While we have new technologies, the goal remains the same: to deliver visitors to your destination and travelers to your door. As we grow, we guarantee that two things won’t change: We’ll always keep it creative and keep it fun.

Details: Started Pineapple PR in 1996. BA from Clemson University; Master’s degree in communications from Georgia State University; member of PRSA and a founder and past chairman of the Georgia chapter of PRSA Travel and Tourism